Toward the Prestigious Graduate
School of Public Health in the 21st 

The Graduate School of Public Health Yonsei University was founded in 1977 with an aim of national health improvement through disease and injury prevention, environmental change, and health policy establishment.

Based on the Severance spirit, we have focused on hospital administration in Korea and educating and training professionals since the 1980s. We also provide quality health education to students from developing countries through the international health system. Furthermore, this school was the first in Korea to bring attention to pollution problems and laborers’ health concerns through its untiring study on health policies, medical care, and information systems. It also contributed to internationally successful cases, from the family plan and anti-smoking projects to the introduction and development of health insurance.

Cross-border exchange and cooperation of healthcare are underway. The Graduate School of Public Health Yonsei University will commit its utmost efforts to education and research in order to realize reform in healthcare, health promotion, and industrial environment healthcare, creating a better future through healthcare environmental policy.

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