As Korea has undergone rapid social and economic changes, there has been an increasing demand for qualified and well-trained health professionals and/or personnel to maintain and promote better health among Koreans. On January 24, 1977, the Graduate School of Health Science and Management was established with the accreditation of the Ministry of Education at Yonsei University, one of the oldest and the most prestigious universities in Korea.

The graduate school has provided a post-baccalaureate evening program. At the beginning, the Graduate School contained only one department, which was the Department of Public Health. Now, the Graduate School of Public Health consists of 9 departments including and it has 300 matriculated students.

Milestones in the history of the school

  • 1970's
    • 1977. 01 Established with the accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea.
    • 1979. 02 The first class was graduated.
    • 1979. 12 otal maximum number of matriculated students (MNS) increased from 20 to 50.
  • 1980's
    • 1980. 11 Department of Environmental Science and Management was added (MNS : 100).
    • 1983. 10 MNS: 115
    • 1988. 11 Department of Nursing Health was added.
    • 1989. 11 Department of Hospital Administration was added (MNS:145).
  • 1990's
    • 1993. 11 Non-degree program was approved by the Ministry of Education.
    • 1994. 03 Department of Industrial Health was added.
    • 1995. 10 Department of Health Policy and Management and Department of Epidemiology And Disease Control were added (MNS:185).
    • 1997. 03 Department of Health Management Information System was added.Selected as a graduate school for training specialist in international health supported by the Division of Education at Yonsei University.
    • 1997. 08 Heath and Environmental Executive Program (six-month course) was opened.
    • 1998. 08 Health and Environmental Executive Program was specified regarding topics(Topic of the third Executive Program was 'Medical care and Law').
    • 1998. 12 Long-term plans for development of the Graduate School of Health Science and Management were made.
    • 1999. 03 Department of Public Health Law and Ethics was added.Topic of the fourth Health and Environment Executive Program was 'Medical care and Management.'
    • 1999. 11 MNS:300.