Campus Life


Scholarships are given according to academic achievements and the financial status of the student, and the amount can vary depending on available scholarship funds.

Scholarships within Yonsei include school scholarships, Yonsei special scholarships, scholarships from foundations, and scholarships from Yonsei welfare.

Various scholarships outside of school are also available. A scholarship program was established in 1994 to provide full tuition for the entire 4 years to a high honors student selected by the College of Nursing. During each semester, about 23% of all students.

receive one of the various scholarships.

Student Activities

Students can go beyond academics and enjoy their school years through diverse student activities.

A student council is run by the students, and members of various clubs actively participate in their own special areas of interest. The clubs include religious groups that involve students from the Colleges of Nursing and Dentistry (DENU choir) and another with students from the Colleges of Medicine, the (Evening choir).

There are also clubs that provide volunteer services in the hospital as well as in rural communities. Through club activities, students can broaden their perspectives and experience many things that they would not be able to do through academics alone.

Medical Insurance

Students can receive health care services from the Mutual Health Aid Association managed by Yonsei University. Use of the medical clinic located within campus is free of charge, while 90% of costs for using out-patient facilities at Severance Hospital are covered by the Association.

Students only need to present their student ID card to receive health care services.


The College of Nursing at Yonsei University promotes academic activities through an abundant collection of books and information in the Yonsei Medical Library.

The Medical Library consists of an old and a new building that are connected and managed through a complete open-borrowing system.

The old library has a newspaper room, audio-visual center, a computer room for reference information, and a “Magazines of the week” corner arranging over 100 kinds of newly released journals and magazines. The study room in the new building is open 24 hours a day and has 76 seats.


The Mu-Ak dormitories at Yonsei University are within the campus and provide a healthy living environment for students.

Nursing students share one of the buildings with medical and dental students.

The dormitories provide a good study environment and include 292 rooms housing a total of 584 people, a cafeteria, a prayer room, a conference room, and gym facilities. Shower and laundry rooms are located on each floor.

Foreign Exchange Programs

Foreign exchange programs for undergraduates are run each year in collaboration with Emory University in the United States and Saint Luke Nursing University in Japan.

Three students from our school participated in the student exchange program at Emory University from January 21 to February 10, 2006, and five students of Emory University are expected to participate in our program this coming May.

Four of our students plan to visit St. Luke Nursing University for two weeks in July, and two students from St. Luke are expected to arrive in September.

After Graduation

Graduates of the College of Nursing are provided with chances to work in various fields.

Some become clinical nurses in specialized fields, while others may choose a more academic route to a Masters or a PhD. degree. Graduates are currently working as nurses, advanced practice nurses, school nurses, occupational nurses, mental health nurses, health insurance nurses, government employees in health and welfare, researchers in health and welfare, and professors.

Male students may enter military service as nursing officers and be discharged as first lieutenants.

There are also many nurses that pursue jobs and education abroad. Students are now allowed to take the United States RN license examination in Korea which expands the openings for oversea experiences, and more than ever, nurses are now able to independently demonstrate their professionalism in various areas.