Undergraduate Program

Department of Clinical Nursing Science

The department was established in September 2004 in order to explore the efficiency of advancing the research focus of the College and to create a smooth communication system necessary for integrated nursing education. It consists of 3 sub-divisions: Fundamentals of Nursing, Adult Nursing, and Basic Nursing.

Faculty members in this department work with the most fundamental aspects of nursing science, and their purpose is to improve the students’ skills in integrating nursing knowledge, clinical skills, and research ability.

The faculty members are all acknowledged professors who play a major role in nursing, both domestically and internationally. They guide students, based on the practices of Christian beliefs, professional nursing perspectives and attitudes, and they continue in their efforts to cultivate competent men and women who are able to develop themselves and carry out leadership roles in the nursing profession.

Fundamentals of Nursing

Faculty in this sub-division describe the human being as one with basic needs The focus of the curriculum is on identifying the nursing processes and principles applicable to these basic needs and practicing skills necessary to perform nursing interventions. Students also obtain essential knowledge and skill to evaluate normal and abnormal health states, including physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of health, through mastering physical assessment. To better adjust to the actual nursing environment and to practice skills, students take turns in the roles both nurse and patient.

Adult Nursing

Faculty in this sub-division focus on the adult population and the nursing theory and practice that assists in maintaining and promoting health as well as prevention of and recovery from illnesses.

Adult nursing covers the largest area in lectures and clinical practicum as the content is diverse and inclusive as well as having a broad range in the population being covered.

Practicum is done in various hospital settings such as medical and surgical units, operation rooms, intensive care units, and rehabilitation units.

Basic Nursing Science

Faculty in this sub-division focus on the study of growth, development, and deterioration processes of the cell, the smallest unit of human beings, in order to understand how the human body works.

Basic Nursing Science provides systematic study of the mutual functions between the human being and its environment by investigating the structural, physiological and chemical properties of the cell, and clarifying the relationship between these concepts.

The academic course of Basic Nursing Science consist of theory and practicum, and various learning tools and computer programs are used to provide an active educational environment.