The history of Yonsei University Health System
is the history of medicine in Korea.

Yonsei University Medical Center was established in 1885 by the American
missionary doctor Dr. H.N. Allen, and was the first modern medical institution
in Korea.

As a leading institution in the medical field of Korea, Yonsei Medical Center has
consistently preserved the health of the people by keeping in line with the history
of Christianity, medical education and research, and hospitals in this land.

Yonsei Medical Center has trained 700 graduates every year through systematic
medical education since it produced 7 graduates who were the first in Korea to
obtain a doctor's license in 1908. In addition, based on medical data accumulated since the 19th century, state-of-the-art medical equipment and information systems, we are providing the best medical services to 5.2 million patients per year. Yonsei Medical Center will continue to strive to realize its mission of ‘to free mankind from disease through the love of God,’ establishing its status as a medical center in Northeast Asia and leading the globalization of medical care.

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The Yonsei University Health System (YUHS) was founded in 1885 by Dr. H. N. Allen, the American medical missionary, as the first modern medical institution in South Korea. Originally named Kwanghyewon, it was founded as the first Western-style royal hospital; the name was later changed to Chejungwon, and then became Severance Hospital. As an institution leading the medical community in South Korea, YUHS has protected the public health, and grown up along with the development of Christianity, medical education, medical research and hospitals in South Korea.

Since it produced 7 graduates who licensed to practice medicine in South Korea in 1908, YUHS has produces approximately 700 graduates every year through systematic medical education. Beyond this, it provides the best medical services to more than 5.3 million patients, based on the medical data it has been accumulating since the 19th century, as well as its advanced medical equipment and information system.

YUHS is striving to fulfill its mission statement of “With the love of God, we will free humankind from disease and suffering,” and will establish its position as a top medical center in Northeast Asia and a leader in the globalization of medicine. YUHS will reinforce its position as a medical hub in Northeast Asia and a leader in the globalization in medicine with the store of experience it has accumulated over more than 130 years, and a health system that has reached an international level of global competitiveness.

Mission & Vision

With the Love of God, Free Humankind from Disease and Suffering
  • Yonsei University Health System(YUHS) will strive to be the most reliable medical institution by respecting our patients, as well as providing high quality care through high-tech service, specialization, and collaboration with other medical institutions.
  • UHS will strive to become a leading research institution in medical technology by creating new research fields with the spirit of exploration and cooperation. YUHS wants to be known as the institution offering the most diverse and humane medical education.
  • Following in the footsteps of Missionaries, Allen, Avison, and donor philanthropist Severance, YUHS is committed to medical missions through evangelism and acts of love and concern for others, particularly the most needy with the least access to medical care. In order to achieve these goals, we wish to become mature and responsible specialists; leaders who are open to new ideas and are accomplished practitioners. We are committed to make Yonsei University Health System a place where creativity and warmth thrive in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.