Research Institute of Dental Biomaterials & Bioengineering

The Department of Dental Engineering was founded in 1989, and the name was changed to "the Department of Dental Biomaterials & Bioengineering" in 2002 since its activity was expanded. Education, research and services on the base of Christianity are major works.

  • Firstly, the education of dental biomaterials for dental students, post graduate school students and dental hygienic course is the main purpose. And we operate the training course for the professional of dental biomaterials.
  • Secondly, research work is another main role and its importance is emerging to the surface. The Research Institute of Dental Biomaterials & Bioengineering was founded in 1992 for the specialized research works. We have structured co-work system with engineering school and research centers in foreign country as like USA, Japan, China and Russia. Actually, we are preceding many research projects sponsored by the government and manufacturers.
  • Lastly, a service for the society and public health is also important duty of us. Periodic lectures for publics and people who works as manufacturer and distributor of dental biomaterials hve been carried out. Many publishes of textbook and research manuscripts have been made and distributed. And good dental biomaterials can be development and marketed through the testing.
  • Two professors, three teaching assistants, one technician, six testing inspectors. six full-time graduates' students, and one secretary is working now)


  • Kyung-Nam Kim / Professor / Ph.D.(1984, Graduate school of Yonsei University) / Dental impression materials; Dental alloys
  • Kwang-Mahn Kim / Associate professor / Ph.D.(1992, Graduate school of Yonsei University) / Biocompatibility of biomaterials; Dental ceramics

Main Research Areas

We care about all kinds of dental biomaterials composed of metals, ceramics, polymers and composite materials to invent progressive new materials, improve existing materials, and/or evaluate them physically and biologically. Depending on the professors' interests, we are researching many kinds of fields such as materials themselves, biocompatibilities and clinical treatment.

These are the materials which we have researched; dental impression materials, dental alloys, dental restorative ceramics, dental ceramic fillers, dental cements, dental gypsum-products and investment, dental implants, bone-substitute materials for hard-tissue repair, hyperthermic thermoseed for cancer-treatment, scaffold materials for tissue engineering and research and development of new dental equipment, etc.