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Dean of Yonsei University College of Dentistry
      Euiseong Kim, D.D.S., Ph.D.

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Yonain (YUCD alumni) with a Strong Ethical Awareness!
Yonsei University College
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The introduction of the dentistry in both Korea and Yonsei was by love of God towards our people which brought American dentist missionary, Dr. William J. Scheifley (the first chief of the dental clinic), to forgotten land of Chosun during the dark era of Japanese forced occupation in 1915, where he taught modern dentistry.

Yonsei University College of Dentistry (YUCD), which has the history of Korea’s first dental education institution, began with the opening of the first dental clinic in Korea at Severance Hospital. Severance Dental Center, which became the parent of the YUCD, was built in 1930 as the largest and most advanced dental hospital building equipped with new facilities in Korea, and has played an important role in Korean dental education. The YUCD becomes the first qualifier in various fields in the history of dentistry in Yonsei: (a) the construction of the first dental clinic in Korea in 1915, (b) the graduation of first class in 1974, (c) the establishment of the first predoctoral student clinic in Korea in 1986, and (d) the implementation of preliminary accreditation consultation visit (PACV) and international accreditation site visit by Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) of American Dental Association (ADA) in 2014. In addition, the YUCD have successfully celebrated ‘100 Years of Dentistry in Yonsei’ in 2015, and continuously strives to become a world-renowned and global leading university in the field of dental education. Consequently, the YUCD is advancing toward the next 100 years of dental education historically and globally, thanks to not only faculty members who have devoted their careers to providing the highest quality education, but also YUCD students and alumni who love alma mater.

Educating and training qualified dentists while cultivating a sense of calling and responsibility
The YUCD has established an educational goal of ‘With a spirit of God, promoting the oral health of mankind by cultivating motivated and creative dentists who have competency in acting successfully as the leader of the oral health care team (professional responsibility).’ The most important thing to keep in mind when providing dental education to students is to make students competent in the application of the principles of ethical decision making such as basic understanding of concepts of dental ethics and evaluating arguments about ethical issues. The YUCD truly strives to foster talented dentists by sharing various clinical cases related to ethics with students.

Continuous changes and digitalization
in YUCD education system

In response to the rapidly changing era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the YUCD continues to promote changes in dental education. In order to enhance clinical education in digital dentistry, the YUCD introduces the latest digital medical devices required for clinical practice such as intraoral scanners, CAD software, 3D printers, and T-Scan, to deliver clinical education for students in line with the changing times.

Preparation for CODA international

The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) has operated under the administrative aegis of the American Dental Association (ADA) since its establishment in 1975. The scope of the CODA encompasses dental, advanced dental and allied dental education programs. International dental education programs seeking accreditation by the CODA must meet the same accreditation standards for dental education programs as the United States-based programs and follow the same process and procedures. Once an international dental education program has successfully completed the final accreditation process, graduates of this program are allowed to prepare for dental licensure and practice in the U.S. The YUCD has been preparing for the past 10 years to meet CODA accreditation standards such as (a) curriculum reforming to improve the quality of lectures (didactic) and practice courses, (b) developing and raising faculty and student competency levels, and (c) providing and updating educational and research facilities.

Deep-rooted trees are more resistant to the wind.

The YUCD has a rich history of 105 years and has been the best dental school providing the highest quality of dental education and training.

The YUCD will strive to achieve the following goals by bringing together faculty, students, parents, and alumni.

  • Quality Education: A premier institution where dedicated, creative-minded dental professionals are being trained for globalized, diverse educational opportunities and in-depth clinical training combined with research capability.
  • Cutting-edge Research: A leading institution where advances in dental sciences and technology are vigorously pursued for training promising dental researchers.
  • Premier Patient Care: A patient-oriented dental clinic, filled with caring and compassionate spirit.
  • Leader in Serving Community: A caring and devoted institution to our community to reaffirm an identity as a dental missionary institution.

Despite many difficult circumstances, all members of the YUCD will develop further if they consider and communicate with one another under the mission of the YUCD ‘With a Spirit of God, Creative Intelligence leading the Best Dentistry serving the Humanity.’ In addition, the YUCD has developed itself into the only leading dental education institution in the world with its own personality and ideas in Professional, Creativity, Excellence, and Service.

Yonsei University College of Dentistry • School of Dentistry, a world-renowned and leading university in the field of Dentistry, is looking forward to the next 100 years.

Thank you for your continued support.

Dean of Yonsei University College of 

Euiseong Kim, D.D.S., Ph.D.